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Mild-Intense visuals may also occur depending on the strength of your dose.

Other notable effects are; increased visual stimulation, deep thoughts, and general transcendental feeling. Ideal for experienced users because of its quick onset and intense effects.


Albino A+ Mushrooms For Sale In UK

Albino A+ strain is known for a faster and more physically focused high that lasts 4-5 hours. The amount you consume will naturally change the speed and strength of the effects you feel. You will feel your mood enhanced with euphoria and excitement. Mild-Intense visuals may also occur depending on the strength of your dose.

Other notable effects are; increased visual stimulation, deep thoughts, and general transcendental feeling. Ideal for experienced users because of its quick onset and intense effects.

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Because the Albino A+ has the tendency to develop bluish pigment, it has purple-black spores. This particularity is enough to genetically change the AA+  status to not being considered a true albino, but rather a leucistic (depigmented) magic mushroom. Other leucistic siblings include Penis Envy Revert and Albino Goldies. True albino magic mushrooms have translucent spores, making the harvest tedious and not always the most fruitful.

True albino or not, the Albino A+ captivates and enthral growers and consumers alike. From its A+ cubensis genetics it inherited the ability to sporulate heavily and be a generous fruiter. Growers report Albino A+ to be an easy magic mushroom strain to cultivate, with dense flushes gifted with a consistent high potency.

Albino A+ is not only gorgeous to watch grow, but also a reliable effective microdosing choice. If consumed dried, it is described to have a very strong taste, and at higher doses, to foster intense “jellowy” visual hallucinations, euphoria, and an overall brainier trip than its descendant A+ cubensis. The question, for would-be psychonauts, is always to grow or to buy shrooms? Best source to buy magic mushrooms UK as our magic mushroom spores UK are gotten from the best genetics. The Albino A+ Mushroom is respected as one of the most psychotropic UK mushrooms.

It is agreed Albino A+ conquers the hearts of those who get close to it.
It is an impeccable package where beauty, performance and consistency meet.

Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms Potency & Psilocybin Content

While all Psilocybe cubensis strains will have different levels of psilocybin and thus varying levels of potency, one of the main advantages of the Albino A+ strain is just how potent it can be.

The precise quantity of psilocybin varies between 0.75% and 2%, but the key thing is that Albino A+ has a much higher relative potency than other strains.

One thing to keep in mind is that how a shroom is grown can significantly affect the potency, so the exact psilocybin content can vary pretty wildly between samples of the same strain grown by different growers.

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Albino A+ Mushrooms
Albino A+ Mushrooms
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