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Whether you are brand new to mushroom growing or you’re well versed and starting from agar wedge, our MonoBox Grow Kit has your back.

Our online guide assumes a complete beginner but it’s flexible enough for any experience level.

Spore syringe is not included.


Buy MonoBox Mushroom Grow Kit UK

The MonoBox Mushroom Grow Kit UK for sale is the only kit you need to properly grow your mushrooms at home. Our most popular kit is a step up from our previous UK No.1 selling grow kit (the Special MycoBox) and will transport you to another dimension!

Skill level:

  • Absolute beginners
  • Experienced growers


  • Excellent success rates for new mushroom cultivators
  • Easier and cleaner inoculation using gourmet spore, culture solution syringe, G2G, or Agar wedge
  • First big harvests in as little as 4 weeks from inoculation
  • Multiple harvests until substrate is completely spent
  • Extremely low maintenance cultivation without water misting
  • Overall harvests of 500g–1000g+ of fresh mushrooms can be achieved with skill
  • MonoBox XXL includes redundancy (if one SpawnTub goes bad, you can safely use the good one)
  • Detailed online guide showing you how to achieve big, healthy mushrooms

What’s Included:

  • Chlorhexidine Alcohol Wipes
  • Hand Wipes
  • Facemask
  • Pair of Sterile Gloves
  • 1.6L MonoBox™ with Coir Substrate (for MonoBox XL)
  • 3.1L MonoBox™ with Coir Substrate (for MonoBox XXL)
  • XL Grow Tent (for MonoBox XL)
  • XXL Grow Tent (for MonoBox XXL)
  • 1 or 2 Sterile SpawnTubs™ (depending on the size of the kit)

You Will Need:

The mushroom growing kit UK does not come with any spores. You will need to source 1.5-2ml of gourmet spore/culture solution for the XL and 3-4ml for the XXL. It’s important not to add any more than this.

Why the MonoBox Grow Kit is Brilliant:

Unlike traditional grow kits, which omit the steps of mixing spawn and substrate by hand, our MonoBox Grow Kit has you breaking all of the ‘rules’ and getting your hands dirty (literally) by mixing your healthy colonized grain spawn with substrate before taking it to the fruiting tent to watch your mushrooms grow into monsters (hopefully!).

We can’t wait for you to experience mushroom cultivation with a magic mushroom grow kit that we would have killed for back when we first got into mushrooms in our teens in 2005.

In the future, when you’re ready to try your hands at powerful techniques such as Agar or G2G (grain to grain) transfers, you’ll feel right at home with our MonoBox Grow Kit.

Redundancy FTW!

MonoBox XXL adds redundancy. This means that if a SpawnTub goes bad and you are left with only one, you can still spawn to the substrate without any extra risk.

Inoculation Options:

Spore/Culture Syringe:

This method is explained in the guide. You will inject 1.5-2ml of solution into each SpawnTub through the rubber Inject-thru port in the lid – Easy!


If you have a SpawnTub full of colonized grain and wish you had more, fast, then simply open your SpawnTub inside of a clean area, like a home-made Still-Air Box, and shake some of those mycelium-covered grains into a new SpawnTub (or 5 or 20!) and in just a few days watch as those new SpawnTubs explode with white mushroom mycelium!

You see, all those grains are inoculation points and can accelerate colonization to completion in just a few days. Our SpawnTubs are superior to grain bags.


Trading mushroom samples on agar and want to grow that exciting species? No problem, with the MonoBox Grow Kit, you can simply open the lid and transfer a wedge into the SpawnTub!

Sterility Guaranteed For Our Mushroom Growing Kit:

Every MonoBox Mushroom Grow Kit that we ship out undergoes our strict sterilization process so that you can be sure you have the best chance of success. And if you do notice an issue before you’ve used it, we’ll make things right! Just answer a few questions, send us some photographs, and we’ll try to diagnose the problem. We are dedicated to your success!

Order the best mushroom growing kit UK and get ready to experience the thrill of growing mushrooms at home UK with the MonoBox Mushroom Grow Kit!

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