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SprinkleBags by Psychedelicoutlet.co.uk are designed to almost remove the customer from the growing equation. Customers like mushroom growing kits UK for sale with less steps to go wrong. Making this kit our easiest and simplest kit yet.


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Sprinkle bags are the next generation of Organic Rye Grain Mushroom Grow Kit UK. Capable of auto fruiting in 45 days or less at 26-27c. The New Sprinklebags Auto Fruiting system supersede the older style of Grain based Mycoboxes.

How so fast?

We Removed the container to let the mycelium thrive. Being able to mix those spores and resulting mycelium through-out the entire substrate makes all the difference to colonization times.

We have added a vermiculite casing layer to speed up pinning. Just release the sprinkles when the grain substrate is fully colonised.



Keep at 26-27c from start to finish. To fruit…. bring the sprinkle bag into a place lit with normal room lighting and this kit will Automatically fruit for you. 

1: Now with 2x the substrate of the previous 1200ml MycoBoxes.

2: Keep the bag in the dark to colonise and bring into the light to fruit.

3: After injection of spores and incubation at 26-27c. Life should appear in 7-10days.

4: When you see that the germinated spores have formed a 50p size lump of mycelium. Mix the white mycelium though out the grain substrate to speed up colonisation.

5: Mix the substrate once again soon after the mycelium starts to reform. Then incubate again until full colonisation.

6:When the cake is fully colonised, you are ready to drop the sprinkles and bring the bag into the light to auto fruit.

7: Fully colonized in as little as 2 weeks @26-27c ambient.

8: No fanning and misting is required as SprinkleBags will auto fruit at 26-27c. Only Open the bag to harvest.

9: Harvest your first flush in as little at 35-45 days (strain dependant)

Sealed grow systems like SprinkleBags, LightBags and the original Inject and Forget Bags have far fewer steps than other mushroom growing kits sold by other companies and so have much less chance of failure. The Goal here is a fully automatic mushroom growing system using as little as possible with the best mushroom growing kits UK. Buy Sprinklebags The Next Generation Of Rye Grain Mushroom Growing Kits

SprinkleBags by Psychedelicoutlet.co.uk are designed to almost remove the customer from the growing equation. Customers like mushroom growing kits UK for sale with less steps to go wrong. Making this kit our easiest and simplest kit yet.

Full Instructions

1: After opening the delivery box and unravelling the Bag. Please set up the syringe and needle but leave the needle cap on for now. Wipe the injection port with the included Alcohol swab. Inject the bag via the GREY injection port with 20ml of spores (NOT SUPPLIED). Do not heat or wipe the spore syringe needle as It will come sterile from the packet. 

2: After injection and safe disposal of the syringe and needle. Please place the bag inside the Growbuddie or incubator as it will take 7-10 days for the spores to germinate and show life. When you see a 50p size lump of mycelium life, mix the Rye grain substrate and mycelium well so as to distribute the mycelium all through the substrate. After this, please return the SprinkleBag to the up right position so the Golden Vermiculite section is at the top. Mixing the mycelium through the substrate will speed up the colonization process. Mixing the the mycelium through the substrate will decrease the colonization times. 

3: To make the bags colonize as fast as possible. Please place the well mixed bags into a warm dark place with an ambient temperature of 26-27c while the spores germinate and the substrate colonises.

4: Mix up the bags and substrate as soon as you see life appear and again as soon as the mycelium starts to reform . Doing so WILL NOT damage the mycelium. Mixing up the bags as scheduled will help the mycelium colonise the substrate as fast as possible. Make sure to break up any clumps of mycelium and mix the life throughout the substrate. If there is no mycelium at this point do not mix yet. Please wait for life to show (If 3 weeks have passed and no life shows please call the team for advice)

5: If your substrate has not shown any life by day 21 please contact the team. You may need to mix the bag one more time at day 14 if your bag or mushroom variety is working a little slow. 

6: When the substrate is all white within 5 days of the last mix. The substrate is considered fully colonised and ready to fruit. Please remove the lower sealer stick to release the Golden Vermiculite down onto the colonized substrate. The vermiculite will act as a casing layer. A casing layer is basically a Humidity Shield and this allows the mycelium to pin like crazy. Pins are baby mushrooms. The more baby mushrooms we can produce, the more adult mushrooms we can harvest.

7: After releasing the Golden Vermiculite. The mycelium will grow up through this golden vermiculite and as soon as the mycelium chooses…. Keep the bag on the heat pad or in the growbuddie and bring into normal room lighting. Fruiting will occur with no help from the customer. Placing the sprinkle bags into the warm room lit space will allow the mushroom variety to choose its own time scale.

8: Please research when your chosen mushroom variety is ready to be harvested.

To harvest. Please remove the top coloured Easy Glide Sealer Stick to open and unseal the bag for the first time.

Reach in and remove mature mushrooms by grasping, twisting and pulling the mushroom free from the substrate.

Smaller/younger mushrooms can be left for a few more days so they reach maturity. Please seal the bag up between part harvests.

9: When all the mushrooms have been removed and weighed in their wet state. Please add water to the substrate bag at a rate of 80% of the harvested mushrooms wet weight and seal back up to fruit and harvest again and again. To add the water, please use a cup and pour the water into one corner of the open bag. Then without emptying any water out. Please seal up bag and place back in the incubator to fruit again. The SprinkleBags will continue to produce mushrooms until all the food has been consumed or contamination sets in. Just add water after each harvest to fruit again.

By calculating the water needed. You wont need to empty any excess water out before fruiting again.

10: If you did not weigh the mushrooms and don’t know how much water to replace to fruit again. You can just add a cup of clean tap water to freshly harvested bag and leave to soak for 24 hours. After time. Pour out any loose water and leave to drain for 15mins. After draining, seal the bag back up with the Sealer Stick and place in the warm lit place.

These just may be the very best rye grain mushroom grow kits UK for sale available today.

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Sprinklebags. The Next Generation Of Rye Grain Mushroom Growing Kits
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